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Landscape Lighting

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Area Lighting  Path Lighting  Up Lighting  Down Lighting  Pond Lighting  Wash lights

              • RESIDENTIAL
              • NEW INSTALLS & ADDITIONS
              • SERVICE & REPAIR
              • DESIGN
              • SITTING AREAS
              • WATER FEATURES 
              • FOCAL POINTS
              • SUBTLE TO DRAMATIC

Maximize the use, enjoyment and dimension of your exterior spaces by using strategically placed landscape lighting.  Exterior lighting helps provide a sense of security with limited areas of dark spaces.

Design options are limitless with path lighting, area lighting, up lighting, down lighting or spot lighting on a water feature or sculpture.  Our goal is to provide a solution and design with your preferences in mind.  Contact us to add value to your home with the use of landscape lighting.

      Call Stout Irrigation and Landscape Lighting Systems at (770) 237-3879



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